We are a small group of individuals from various backgrounds and cultures. Although we were a world apart, our shared passion for sustainability led us to find one another from around the globe. Together we pledged to surmount the plastic problem that has been ignored for too long.

88% of consumers

want brands to help them make a difference and we are born out of the customer’s and planet’s need!

Chief Decision Maker / Co-founder

Dinesh Tadepalli

Nature loving entrepreneur, angel investor and a hardware engineer. Love adventure, hiking and making this world a better place.

Favorite Spoon: Vanilla spoon with butter pecan ice cream.
Good to Know: Dinesh cleans the take out boxes so they can be recycled properly

Chief Spoon Maker

Kruvil Patel

Risk taker, fun loving, adventurous, Mechanical engineer and a fine artist who wants to make world plastic free.

Favorite Spoon: Oregano Chili with Alfredo Pasta.
Good to Know: Uses plastic free products only to contribute towards reducing plastic waste

How You Can Help!

It's super easy to help us spread the word about our awesome edible spoon that helps to minimize plastic pollution! You can become a part of our affiliate program (it's for everyone! not just fancy influencers) or share our cause on Instagram!